[reportlab-users] can i have a working example?

monoBOT monobot.soft at gmail.com
Fri May 7 20:24:00 EDT 2010

Hello, im new to reportlab (and to python also), can any1 be kind to paste
or adress me to a working example of a BaseDocTemplate using canvas and

cant make that work!!! :-( , nowadays im using a simpleDocTemplate but
im using tables on the documents so i want to be able to use the
ConPageBreak method but isnt working there. (is it something im doing wrong
or that simply cant be used on a simpleDocTemplate?)

also would like to use tableofcontent but the example on the userguide
doesnt use Frame, canvas either. So since im that newbie looks like its
playing with too many balls at the same time.

Many thanks in advance.

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