[reportlab-users] Making editable field and comments permissions

Madsen, Anders Lund AndersLund.Madsen at lr-ods.com
Thu May 6 07:27:43 EDT 2010

Hallo All Report Lab users

I am new on this mail-list and a very new user of reportlab. Therefore
sorry in advance if the questions I am going to ask already have bin
previously answered.

I am currently working on making a standard report generation routine
using the open source version 2.3 of ReportLab. The goal is to let the
user fill in his/her comments and conclusion, and for this reason the
created pdf document needs to have editable field (fill in field
permission) or comments rights.

I have bin searching the internet web forums for an answer to this
question, without any luck.

Can I make user editable fields in a pdf document created with

- Like registration forms or self-print forms

Or can I assign a reportlab created document commenting rights?

- Like most adobe standard created pdf documents.

How can I do it... please provide me with a short example

Kind regards

Anders Madsen


Anders F. Lund Madsen

Dipl. Ing., M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering

Consultant - Marine, Machinery Dynamics

Lloyd's Register ODS

Technical Investigation & Analysis Consultancy

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conditions set out in that contract.

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