[reportlab-users] Announcement: rst2pdf 0.15 is out

Roberto Alsina ralsina at netmanagers.com.ar
Wed May 5 09:18:46 EDT 2010

Version 0.15 of rst2pdf, a tool to generate PDFs from restructured text
directly via reportlab is out at its site: http://rst2pdf.googlecode.com

Rst2pdf supports the full restructured text syntax and a few extensions (code-
block and math, for example). It can any TTF or Type1 font, and custom page
sizes, multiple frames per page, and much more.

Included is a sphinx extension, called pdfbuilder, that you can use to
create PDFs from sphinx documents.

Rst2pdf has been used to typeset books, business documents and much more [1]_

Version 0.15 has several bugfixes and a couple of new features compared to

* Fixed Issue 315: crash when using an undefined class for
a list.
* Implemented Issue 279: images can be specified as URLs.
* Fixed Issue 313: new --fit-background-mode option.
* Fixed Issue 110: new --real-footnotes option (buggy).
* Fixed Issue 176: spacers larger than a page don't crash.
* Fixed Issue 65: References to Helvetica/Times when it was not used.
* Fixed Issue 310: added option linenos_offset to code blocks.
* Fixed Issue 309: style for blockquotes was not respected.
* Custom cover page support (related to Issue 157)
* Fixed Issue 305: support wildcards in image names
and then use the best one available.
* Implemented Issue 298: counters
* Improved widow/orphan support for literal blocks
* Fixed Issue 304: Code blocks didn't respect fontSize in class.

Please try it out, and when you report the usual huge bug, there will be a
0.15.1 out immediately ;-) [2]_

.. [1] For an example, check my book-in-progress (in spanish, sorry!):

.. [2] That has happened to several releases, sadly. I am not really good at

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