[reportlab-users] Paragraph and blank lines

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Tue Jun 29 04:55:54 EDT 2010

On 29/06/2010 01:39, Peter Milliken wrote:


> What am I doing wrong?


> Conversely, if this is a "feature" of Paragraph then how do I insert a Space

> with the correct vertical spacing? i.e. for different fonts and font sizes I

> would have to calculate the vertical space in inches - how do I discover the

> font height at 'runtime'?


You could try the following

Paragraph("<br/>",style=....), however, you should be aware that paragraphs come
with spaceBefore and spaceAfter style settings. If you just want vertical space
then you can use the Spacer flowable eg


uses up 72 points of vertical space. The 1 is effectively the width, but is not
really important.
Robin Becker

> Thanks

> Peter

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