[reportlab-users] Large images in PDF cause viewing error

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Jul 29 09:07:04 EDT 2010

On 29/07/2010 13:38, Brenner, Aaron L wrote:


> That said, I'm still curious about the "Fast Web View" setting and would like to try it. It seems to be designed to better handle this particular scenario. I assume it's just a flag to set somewhere within the PDF encoding? I'll try manually creating the same PDF in Acrobat, where I think I can apply that setting, and I'll see if it does anything to address the behavior.


I suspect "Fast Web View" is a linearization of the PDF that allows the first
page to be viewed before the whole document has arrived. That may or may not fix
the problem, but I don't think we support it in ReportLab.

Of course it may be possible some other utilities can convert the PDF to a
linearized form, certainly some Adobe tools can do so.
Robin Becker

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