[reportlab-users] Paragraph, text and spaces

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri Jul 2 06:13:17 EDT 2010

On 02/07/2010 01:38, Peter Milliken wrote:

> Thanks - I don't have a mental model for HTML, since I have never used it.


> Does this mean each call to Paragraph (with a single line of text) is

> implying an implicit linefeed at the end of each line? I really don't see

> how this works with the part of the description that refers to providing

> correct indentation for triple quoted Python comments - that part of the

> description seems misleading - unless you pass the entire triple quoted

> comment into the same Paragraph call?


> Anyway, thanks for the help

> Peter


Paragraphs do everything they can to remove excess space etc etc. They try to
fill up the frame width as much as possible so they're mainly dealing with
'words' ie space delimited things We attempt to control the first indent and the
indent for 2nd and further lines.

If you want to reserve space the use either Preformatted or XPreformatted. The
latter allows control of font colour size etc etc like a Paragraph, but doesn't
attempt to control line breaks or other spacing.
Robin Becker

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