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Peter Milliken peter.milliken at gmail.com
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Thanks - I don't have a mental model for HTML, since I have never used it.

Does this mean each call to Paragraph (with a single line of text) is
implying an implicit linefeed at the end of each line? I really don't see
how this works with the part of the description that refers to providing
correct indentation for triple quoted Python comments - that part of the
description seems misleading - unless you pass the entire triple quoted
comment into the same Paragraph call?

Anyway, thanks for the help

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 9:24 AM, Tim Roberts <timr at probo.com> wrote:

> Peter Milliken wrote:

> > Still playing with reportlab :-)

> >

> > I am trying to print strings of text using Paragraph. These strings

> > are lines of code listings so they include spaces to show indentation

> > (spaces - not tabs). When I 'print' the document all of the spacing/

> > indentation has been removed! i.e.

> > ...

> > "The following text creates an instance of the Paragraph class:

> > Paragraph(text, style, bulletText=None)

> > The text argument contains the text of the paragraph; excess white

> > space is removed from the text at the

> > ends and internally after linefeeds."

> >

> > I am more than happy with excess white space removed from the end of

> > the line of text, but why am I seeing white space removed from the

> > beginning?


> Because that's white space that immediately follows a linefeed. The

> mental model for Paragraph is similar to the HTML <p> tag, which does

> the same kind of thing. The reason you use Paragraph is because you

> want it to manage the spacing. If you want your text to be printed

> without formatting, then you should use a Preformatted flowable, not a

> Paragraph flowable. That's what it's for.


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