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Simon simonluijk at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 13:04:42 EDT 2010

Hello All

I am trying to find the best way forward to produce pdf invoices with
Reportlab. I have created a few pds with PLATYPUS but am having problems
working this one out. I haven't quite setteled into Reportlab's way of

They are going to be printed on continus paper that is perferated every
20cm. If a invoice is too large to fit on one page it should continue onto
the second page as if it is the same piece of paper. e.g. the second page
should not have a header. I think it would be easer to create one large page
(40cm high) rather then two seperate ones. Is it posible to create a pdf
page (PageTemplate) with a flexable height? or change the height if I
calculate that the flowables wont fit (Most likely be one table per

Here comes the wedge: There is a piece of text that has to come below the
invoice item table. If the pdf needs to be printed on two pages it should
not get printed on the bottom of the first page but the second.

Is it posible to wrap two flowables in a flowable that can not be split?

My other question is: Is it posible when a PageTemplate is drawing the
static elements on the page to grab information from the first flowable to
be drawn on that page. Related to that is it posible to store extra data in
a flowable.

I am rather hoping that you will tell me I got it all wrong and it would be
allot easer to do it another way as I feel like I am fighting aganst the
gran a little be here.

Thank you
Simon Luijk
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