[reportlab-users] Python 2.7

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed Aug 11 04:49:58 EDT 2010

On 10/08/2010 20:29, Michael Hipp wrote:

> On 8/10/2010 11:45 AM, Robin Becker wrote:

>> On 10/08/2010 16:57, Michael Hipp wrote:

>>> Just curious as to the plans/schedule for a Python 2.7 version of

>>> ReportLab 2.4.


>>> I noticed that PIL doesn't have a py2.7 version up yet.


>> I am building daily versions; do you want a back build? I did manage to

>> get a 2.7 version of PIL compiled for linux etc etc.


> I guess I'm just looking to have a windows installer version labeled for

> py2.7. But it won't do me any good without PIL, will it?


> Michael

I'll try and make the installer today. I will try and test it using a homebrew
PIL (if I can get one built), but I wouldn't want to distribute that as
presumably the effbot would prefer to reserve that for
http://www.pythonware.com/products/pil for obvious reasons.
Robin Becker

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