[reportlab-users] nbsp and justification problem

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Apr 29 04:39:04 EDT 2010

On 29/04/2010 07:57, Anton Petrushenkov wrote:

> Hi, everybody. I found reportlab itself very useful and process of working

> with it just awesome!

> But got stuck with such a problem:

> when I'm using "nbsp" symbols with platypus "justify" setting these very

> string where nbsp is used are exceeding right margin.

> Seems, that their length is counted incorrectly. Is there any workaround?

> Any help would be appreciated!

  means non-breaking space so I assume that's what's causing the problem.
The line breaking here is particularly stupid. There have been extensions posted
here which allow for intra-word breaking, perhaps one of those would suit.
Robin Becker

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