[reportlab-users] Status of ticket 783

Yoann Roman yroman-reportlab at altalang.com
Wed Apr 14 11:09:54 EDT 2010

>> so does this mean we're all adults and the patch can go in?


> We have decided to put this in.


> We were originally thinking that many of the page-breaking-related

> flowables (NextFrame, KeepTogether etc) made no sense inside of table

> cells. Yoann, you have persuaded us that there are plenty of other

> good reasons for other kinds of ActionFlowables inside containers, so

> we'll put in your patch.

Great, thanks!

> However, anyone who WAS currently using page-break-related constructs

> inside a container will now find that our system starts to pay

> attention to them, which may cause strange behaviour. So we'll add an

> rl_config switch to allow the old behaviour.

Since it sounds like the *type* of flowable is what determines whether
these make sense inside a container or not, what about a class-level
attribute on ActionFlowable that indicates if a flowable is allowed
inside or container or not? To maintain backwards-compatibility, it
would default to false.

Yoann Roman

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