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Nice; that was perfect, thanks!
Jason Brower

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Brower Jason:

> It may be a little off topic but,


> I have very large amounts of data that are processed to create a

> report. When I am gathering data it not only takes a lot of memory

> but a lot of time.


> My solution seems that I create a system similar to pagination. I

> load 8 large parts of the report to make up 1 page of data and then

> save the pdf. I then repeat that until I have all the parts done

> for the PDF.


> Then when they are all done and save to a specific location I append

> them and offer them as a download that the client can click on.


> So, any ideas on software in Linux that could do this Appending PDF

> documents feature on a server application?


PyPDF is probably the answer. Look also into some projects
of mine using it with or without reportlab, like:




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