[reportlab-users] a bit confused on rml present and future

pier carteri pier.carteri at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 11:32:25 EDT 2009

Hi to all,
thank you Andy for your reply.
I agree with you points; just to clarify:
-with enterprise-grade I mean something stable and with good performance.
This has no relation with cost. If I, (with my mail) give you the
idea that I consider ReportLab
too expensive, this was not my intention and I apologize for that.
-thank you to point me to the dtd

I'm considering the idea to develop something to create rml file,
so from a legal point of view the things that I've to point out is thant
Report Markup Language and RML2PDF are trademarks or ReportLab.
That makes perfect sense to me.

Best Regards

> Fairly close.  However (bearing in mind my bias as RML's vendor) I

> would like to add two things:

> (1) The pricing for RML is linked to volume and it's quite affordable

> for many smaller or departmental projects - not just enterprise-grade.

>  We'll have a lot more info about this on our site soon.

> (2) We have many tags in our product which do things that would be

> fairly tricky to implement elsewhere and are not just wrappers around

> our open source code (e.g. parsing and re-using PDF pages).  With

> rival implementations, you'll have to try them to see what diverges

> from our docs

> (3) If you want a zero-cost approach, you can also construct Python

> code using our open source library to create documents, and get

> support from hundreds of users here.  If you use a rival RML

> implementation, you're relying on its authors and a smaller community



>> That said if I want to start use the rml language I' ve a couple of question:

>> -is there any possibility that rml use will became more restrictive in

>> the future? Please note that I'm not worried about reportlab people,

>> they have already prove to be good guys; I'm asking if there are any

>> patents on rml language that someone  somewhere in the future

>> maybe....

> I am not aware of anybody else having applicable patents.

> ReportLab do not believe in software patents, and I don't think you

> can patent a standard.


> BUT Report Markup Language and RML2PDF are our trademarks, and we will

> seek to defend them.

> Practically, if someone else is creating an implementation, we expect

> them to clearly acknowledge it is an alternative implementation of our

> product; state whether they use our engine; try to document what they

> do and don't support; and try to support their own users.  Stephan

> Richter (author of z3c.rml) has been very good about this and his

> package has good docs.


>> -I have found the rml manual on reportlab website but I've not found

>> any rml definition: can someone point me to the rml.dtd?


> There is a fairly recent copy here:

>  http://www.reportlab.com/docs/rml.dtd


> However, we don't want this to be a canonical published location for

> apps to check against, because we don't want people nagging us about

> moving it or versioning it, or complaining if we add an attribute or a

> tag.   We do not have a 'standards process' like the W3C; instead, we

> add stuff when we need it, often at short notice.


> Each RML2PDF package contains a copy of the DTD which is used for

> runtime parsing of RML and is 100% in sync with the code.


> If you want to try out the commercial version and/or get a price

> quote, you will find a DTD within the package, just email our

> enquiries address on this page here...

>    http://developer.reportlab.com/



> Best Regards,


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