[reportlab-users] New Python PDF library available -- works with reportlab

Patrick Maupin pmaupin at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 20:25:44 EST 2009

I have created a library to do some basic PDF manipulations, available
at pdfrw.googlecode.com.

It is also available as an extension to rst2pdf (in current rst2pdf subversion).

The most interesting thing for reportlab users is probably that you
can quite easily create a "Form XObject" out of any PDF page or any
rectangle on any PDF page, and paint with that Form XObject on a
reportlab canvas.

The only current limitations I know of is the the
compression/decompression support is very limited, there is no support
for PDF 1.5 compressed streams, and there is no encryption support.

Basically, if it can be handled trivially by pdftk, I didn't bother
writing it :-)

There's not that much user doc, but there are several examples,
including one which turns a preexisting PDF into a booklet, e.g. for
printing letter size pages on 11 x 17 paper, using the reportlab
canvas for output.

You could also examine the code inside the rst2pdf extension (it's
called vectorpdf).

Or just send me a private email with any questions -- I'm not
subscribed to this list and don't read it very often.

Best regards,
Patrick Maupin

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