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Yoann Roman yroman-reportlab at altalang.com
Mon Nov 23 15:04:25 EST 2009

Andy Robinson wrote...

> 9. collect tests in Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and any other widely used

> languages which can use this, along with font instructions

Since I keep bringing this up, I figured I'd actually *show* what I'm
talking about. Attached are three files:

pashto.py: Pashto test script that prints code points after
Pyfribidi, prints original code points, and creates PDF with both

pashto.pdf: the PDF created by the above script

pashto-correct.pdf: PDF created by Acrobat 9 on Windows from a Word
document with the same Pashto text

To see the issue, compare the top line of the two PDFs. Note how the
3rd and 8th words (from the right) aren't getting shaped properly by
Pyfribidi (I had our Pashto speakers confirm the Word version is

Pyfribidi bases its shaping on the decomposition mappings in the UCD:

The unshaped character in the 3rd word is code point 0681. That code
point has no mappings in the UCD, so Pyfribidi does no shaping on it.

However, the code point does support dual joining:

This isn't a problem with Pyfribidi; modern shaping should be done by
glyph selection using OpenType information, which Pyfribidi clearly
can't do without knowing the target font:

Again, I haven't seen something that does this in Python, but I think
this issue should be mentioned in a RL release with Pyfribidi to avoid
problems from people assuming proper shaping for all languages.

Yoann Roman
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