[reportlab-users] PDFs generated by ReportLab not printing

King Simon-NFHD78 simon.king at motorola.com
Thu May 28 04:36:54 EDT 2009

Robin Becker wrote:

> One thing you might try is to trip the RL pdf through

> postscript. We do this

> sometimes to see if the problem is caused by our code.

> Typically we do it by

> export to postscript from acrobat reader followed by convert

> to pdf with

> distiller. If your printer can do it print the postscript and

> the final pdf. If

> those are successful they may give information about what's

> wrong with the RL

> version.

Hi Robin,

I can't get Acrobat Reader 9 on Linux (Ubuntu 8.10) to convert the 'Some
text in Arial Unicode MS' PDF to Postscript using "acroread
-toPostScript <my_pdf_file>" - it just displays the filename followed by
a colon, with no error message, and generates no postscript file. The
same command on a completely different PDF generated a PostScript file
as expected.

Do you have a copy of Acrobat Reader on Linux that you can check this



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