[reportlab-users] PDFs generated by ReportLab not printing

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed May 27 06:08:55 EDT 2009

Dinu Gherman wrote:

> King Simon-NFHD78:


>> Does anyone else on the list use the font "Arial Unicode MS" in their

>> PDFs, and if so, are they able to print those PDFs on a Postscript

>> printer? Given that such a simple test case triggers the error, I'm

>> surprised that I'm the only that's seeing the problem, which leads me to

>> believe that I'm doing something silly. I would really appreciate it if

>> someone could confirm that they at least see the same behaviour that I

>> see.



> Simon,


> I'm on a Mac (for more than one reason), but if you send me

> a sample PDF I'll be glad to test it on my HP LaserJet...


> Regards,


> Dinu


I can answer already that printing on a laser jet works fine for arial and similar.
Robin Becker

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