[reportlab-users] Automatic testing PDF output

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri May 22 11:54:19 EDT 2009

> That almost sounds like you're having a plan. So what's the next

> action?

Wait for someone to send in some of those scripts.

> My suggestion is: ask yourself who should be responsible

> to implement it?

OK. You suggested a 'summer of typography' - have you volunteered? ;-)

I have simply suggested the kinds of "eyeball tests" which would be
most likely to get adopted by us and rolled into our process. Tests
which generate more false alarms than real issues will get ignored,
unless the ergonomics are thought out.

Personally, after we work out the best fix I intend to lock down the
agreed behaviour with a handful of unit tests that assert certain
things about heights of paragraphs and table cells. This should take
no more than 15 minutes, catch things even faster and not break when
fonts change.

- Andy

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