[reportlab-users] Automatic testing PDF output

Roberto Alsina ralsina at netmanagers.com.ar
Fri May 22 10:18:24 EDT 2009

Dinu Gherman writes:

> « HTML content follows »



> Roberto Alsina:

>> The latest version of the script where this fragment comes from will

>> always be 

>> at 

>> <URL:http://code.google.com/p/rst2pdf/source/browse/trunk/rst2pdf/tests/i

>> nput/run_tests.sh>http://code.google.com/p/rst2pdf/source/browse/trunk/rs

>> t2pdf/tests/input/run_tests.sh



> Roberto, that's great! Welcome to the club of people writing 

> that kind of stuff! If you search long enough you'll find simi-

> lar things by others, and z3c.rml should also have that built 

> in. I wrote my own tool maybe five years ago and I know of 

> somebody else who did it six months ago.

Me too, I just can't find the code. Got any URLs? I much prefer to use
Someone Else's Code (TM)

> But that's hardly the problem. The problem is acknowledging the 

> value of such tests and actually *using* them before making re-

> leases. Then and only then we might be able to prevent such, 

> uhm, "interesting effects" like with the font baseline that we 

> suffer from now. 

Yup. rst2pdf is aiming in that direction.

BTW: using svglib now instead of uniconv for SVG, great work!

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