[reportlab-users] Template examples?

Yuan HOng hongyuan1306 at gmail.com
Tue May 19 05:14:52 EDT 2009



> If anyone has any template classes like this that they'd care to share,

> I've got *lots* to learn (just ask my wife...:^)


> Anyway, I also saw on a web page (

> http://achievewith.us/public/articles/2007/02/21/produce-pdf-pages-with-turbogears-cheetah-and-reportlab)

> a tantalising discussion about a template built using a Cheetah templating

> tool like so:

> <doc>

> <para>some text...

> </doc>


> Has anyone tried mixing reportlabs' PDF tool's templates and Cheetah

> templates? Any thoughts on whether this would make it easier or harder than

> reportlab's templates only?


> -Ken



Have a look at z3c.rml, which uses the rml to describe a page. You can
generate the rml file with your favorite template language. I use kid for
Hong Yuan

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