[reportlab-users] Reducing use of 7-bit characters

Yoann Roman yroman-reportlab at altalang.com
Mon May 4 17:10:02 EDT 2009

>> I've seen a few threads on here that talk about Outlook's tendency to

>> encode RL PDFs as quoted-printable because of the low ratio of non-

>> 7-bit characters. We're running into occasional issues with this that,

>> as far as I can tell, are from mail server mangling (same recipient/

>> sender/PDF, different results).


> If you will permit me to be blunt, so what? The quoted-printable

> version works just fine, and it takes 25% less bandwidth than base64.

The point is that, from experience, the quoted-printable version does
not work just fine. Outlook does not encode the carriage returns / line
feeds like it's supposed to for a binary file, and it seems something
mangles them during transmission or the receiving end uses a different
line break sequence.

Given the size of these PDFs, the 25% increase is insignificant.

Yoann Roman

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