[reportlab-users] Alternative paragraph implementation with HTML and CSS

Roberto Alsina ralsina at netmanagers.com.ar
Wed Jul 15 12:09:17 EDT 2009

Dirk Holtwick writes:

>> BTW Dirk's code looks pretty clean, much cleaner than mine...

>> But, at least some of the classes look quite similar to what

>> wordaxe does in the para_fragments.py module.


> Indeed it can be that I have been inspired by your code, since I have

> read it by this time. I just tried to break it down into small peaces.

> Maybe this approach could be useful for an integration with wordaxe and

> the kerning too. If we replace the DOM input by something more generic

> this might also fit for rst2pdf.

If it goes into wordaxe, rst2pdf gets it by default :-)

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