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What you have to keep in mind is that:

- ReportLab (with Platypus) is just a (great) PDF generator
- Geraldo is a report engine, that uses ReportLab to generate PDF but
is not boundered inside this.

Geraldo competes with ReportBuilder, Crystal Reports, Jasper, etc...
but not competes with ReportLab. There are totally different goals.

I use Geraldo in an ERP, to print out purchase forms, to print bank
bills, to print lists of customers, supliers, products, orders, etc.

In other project I use Geraldo to make reports with charts, images and
tech details from a laboratory that investigates defects on big
electrical transformers (those that companies like Vale and Petrobras

Most of people use Geraldo like I use :) but whatever, it is a report
engine, not a PDF generator :)

2009/7/7 Andy Robinson <andy at reportlab.com>:

> 2009/7/6 Marinho Brandao <marinho at gmail.com>:

>> but Geraldo is not only that. Geraldo make things like bands,

>> subreports, page header/footer, report begin/end, data driving grids,

>> etc... and output files in PDF (using ReportLab) and Text formats (and

>> in a near future, also to ODF Docs and Sheets).



> This sounds like a neat project - with great screen shots.  I look

> forward to seeing more of it...


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> Andy Robinson

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