[reportlab-users] Doing multiple pages with variable data

Mike Driscoll mdriscoll at co.marshall.ia.us
Mon Jul 6 17:10:06 EDT 2009

Hi Tim,

> Mike Driscoll wrote:


>> I know this is probably a common question, but I'm not finding the

>> answer in the archives so far. I have a large dataset with varied

>> lengths of data. Basically, it will be a list of lists or a list of

>> dicts. Anyway, I don't really know how much will be able to fit per

>> page with my current requirements. What is the recommended way of

>> putting semi-random data onto multiple pages and getting it to break

>> correctly? Do I have to count the number of lines I've output somehow?



> I guess it depends on how much you need to do to the data. Platypus is

> really good at managing documents that consist of a series of

> "flowables". If your data can be arranged in a series of things of

> variable height that are page-wide, then what you ask is pretty easy.

> You can just derive your own class from Paragraph and lay things out

> yourself.


> If you need spreadsheet-like functionality, where things need to break

> within cells and cells can be arbitrarily large, that's where things get

> really tricky.



I noticed that Platypus is supposed to do what I want, but there doesn't
seem to be many good examples. I have some annoying requirements due to
the fact that the original was based on a Crystal Report. Basically, I
have some boxed headers kind of like this (except I need three or more
of these columns right next to each other horizontally):

* Some Heading
* Hours Amount
ct 24.00 456.84
# various other lines may follow
Another Heading
# various other lines may follow

It's a financial document, so I'll need the Amount column to have some
underlines at specific junctures to indicate some kind of total. I may
be able to use the weird example on Frames in the user guide. It looks
like I can create Frames of a certain width and at a certain location on
the page, but the docs don't say if I can leave the height to be
calculated on the fly. If not, then this won't work either.

Anyway, if you or someone else on the list has a suggestion, that would
be great. In the meantime, I'll continue trying to grasp how to set this
up in my head and by messing with some down and dirty coding. Thanks!

- Mike

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