[reportlab-users] drawToFile and drawToString docstrings

Peter peter at maubp.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Jan 30 07:24:02 EST 2009


This is suggestion for how to improve a couple of the docstrings for
the render back ends,

In particular, for the drawToFile and drawToString methods (which to
my mind are the most important methods), some of these files don't
even define a docstring.

For drawToFile, it would be nice to say that the fn argument can be a
filename (I guess that's what fn stands for) OR a handle object for
output (e.g. from opening a file in write mode, or a StringIO handle).
Otherwise you have to work this out by trial and error, or reading
the code and working it out. I was pleasantly surprised to discover
this for myself, as I had needed to do this.

For drawToString, I personally would find it informative to know this
works by using a cStringIO or StringIO handle internally - but
otherwise the current phasing is fine (when there is a docstring at



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