[reportlab-users] Suggested patch for "missing" SVG colours

Paul Barrass paul.barrass at safeonlinebilling.com
Thu Jan 29 12:58:46 EST 2009

Robin Becker wrote:

> I think my book on HTML/XHTML etc etc uses GRAY rather than GREY and

> doesn't mention alternates. I have added your patch, but we probably

> ought to remove the mispellings if they eventually end up leading

> people astray.


> I guess we really ought to translate Color(green) into "green" when

> it's used in a textual context anyhow which might mean problems unless

> grey --> "gray" (if that is the official colour name).


The official W3 SVG spec defines both spellings -
http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/types.html#ColorKeywords . From my reading of
the specs, HTML and CSS2 define only 17 colours (using the gray
spelling), but most browsers also support the SVG list. CSS3 includes
the full list of SVG colours, including both spellings of grey.

On another note, I have noticed that my alphabetising is incorrect - the
various greens should fall between the gray and greys, though I could
just claim to be following Reportlab's precedent ;)

Paul Barrass.

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