[reportlab-users] Suggested patch for "missing" SVG colours

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Jan 29 11:49:08 EST 2009

Paul Barrass wrote:



> darkgrey = HexColor(0xA9A9A9)

> darkslategrey = HexColor(0x2F4F4F)

> dimgrey = HexColor(0x696969)

> lightgray = HexColor(0xD3D3D3)

> lightslategrey = HexColor(0x778899)

> slategrey = HexColor(0x708090)


> It's not massively critical, but would help confusion when I tell people

> they can use the "standard SVG" colours, then some of them not be

> recognised.


I think my book on HTML/XHTML etc etc uses GRAY rather than GREY and doesn't
mention alternates. I have added your patch, but we probably ought to remove the
mispellings if they eventually end up leading people astray.

I guess we really ought to translate Color(green) into "green" when it's used in
a textual context anyhow which might mean problems unless grey --> "gray" (if
that is the official colour name).
Robin Becker

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