[reportlab-users] Error: python was built with Visual Studio 2003

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Jan 15 13:15:06 EST 2009

Christian Heimes wrote:

> Robin Becker schrieb:


> Python's distutils refuses to compile an extension with a different

> compiler. Visual Studio 2005 can only link against msvcrt80 but Python

> 2.4 is linked against msvcrt71. You either have to use the same compiler

> version or you have to install and use MinGW32.


> Python refuses to mix C runtime libraries to protect the user against

> seg faults. The memory and file management functions don't work across

> multiple CRT versions. For example malloc()ing memory with msvcrt80 and

> free()ing the segment with msvcrt71 crashes the application.


I know that you have to have the right version, what's not clear is why you're
getting this error? When I build pyRXP etc etc with a specific python setup.py
figures out which compiler is needed and seems to use the right one.

I have all three versions of the compiler installed so can build with
python2.3-2.6. Presumably you're trying to use a python that requires 2003 or
mingw. Is that the problem? There's nothing special about the pyRXP setup.py so
far as I know. Have you tried removing the build dir and re-running?
Robin Becker

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