[reportlab-users] Error: python was built with Visual Studio 2003

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Thu Jan 15 11:22:52 EST 2009

Robin Becker schrieb:

> Well according to dependency walker 2.6 python.exe depends explicitly on

> msvcr90,

> 2.5/2.4 depends on msvcr71 and 2.3 depends on msvcrt version 7.0.

Correct, every version of Visual Studio / Visual C++ has its own C
runtime library.

> So yes you're right VS8 is nowhere, they skipped a number. Anyhow, that

> still doesn't explain why you're getting this message.

Python's distutils refuses to compile an extension with a different
compiler. Visual Studio 2005 can only link against msvcrt80 but Python
2.4 is linked against msvcrt71. You either have to use the same compiler
version or you have to install and use MinGW32.

Python refuses to mix C runtime libraries to protect the user against
seg faults. The memory and file management functions don't work across
multiple CRT versions. For example malloc()ing memory with msvcrt80 and
free()ing the segment with msvcrt71 crashes the application.


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