[reportlab-users] layout question

Gabor Torok gabor at tastebook.com
Fri Jan 9 12:06:25 EST 2009

I'm trying to determine if the following is possible using platypus:

M = an image
P = a paragraph which is wrapped around the image
L = an indented list (using Indent) which should start at the bottom
of the paragraph P

The trouble is that the bottom of P could be above or below the
bottom of I. If I wrap M and P in an ImageAndFlowables then L will
start after M (if M is longer than P). If I include L in the
ImageAndFlowables then it gets wrapped around the image which is not
what I need. (I need it to be a list starting at the bottom of P.)

In other words, because the ImageAndFlowables acts as a single
flowable element, I can't start a second paragraph after P, only
after both P and M.

Please let me know if what I'm trying to describe makes sense... Is
what I'm trying to accomplish possible?

Thanks for any info,

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