[reportlab-users] ReportLab 2.3 release news

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri Jan 2 08:48:48 EST 2009

2009/1/2 Harald Armin Massa <haraldarminmassa at gmail.com>:

> Andy,


>> (6) Docs and Tests

> that is a good solution.


> Please try to make sure that no "active" RL-module imports from DOCs

> or Tests; not even somewhere deep down (i.e. some half-commented test

> lines). That is important for the minority of us who distribute their

> applications via py2exe on windows as "binaries", and having 2MB

> accidently integrated Reportlab-Docus within is not really helpfull :)


Very good point. Logged as issue 952.

However, it would seem very natural to me to use references to tests
in docstrings (" see reportlab/tests/test_foo_bar.py for examples").
I am surprised that py2exe pulls in commented out references. How
careful do we have to be?

- Andy

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