[reportlab-users] ttfonts.py patch

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri Dec 4 10:07:50 EST 2009

Jerry Casiano wrote:

>> .........

>> I don't think I'm worried about the accessing so much as whether you can

>> actually use those fonts in some real sense. Do you have some sort of test to

>> produce a PDF with an alphabet for each one for example? That would help to see

>> if the change above actually did more good than harm.


> Ah, I should have considered that, well for the one font I sent it seems

> to have no side effects. See attached pdf.


> I'm looking through a ~80mb pdf file right now to see how others are

> affected. Well, I don't see any obvious problems. What should I be

> looking for? missing glyphs?


> Because if it's missing glyphs then I'm not sure I can confirm or deny

> anything as some of the crappier fonts are missing glyphs all over the

> place anyways. :-(


I don't think missing glyphs is a problem, but any exceptions accessing well
known glyphs could be a problem. If you've actually generated a pdf then
probably that's pretty good.
Robin Becker

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