[reportlab-users] IronPython and ReportLab

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Aug 20 05:10:49 EDT 2009


in CPython reportlab we expect all strings to be either bytes in utf8 encoding
or unicode. I suspect that the default string encoding in ironpython is
something other than that so a lot of reportlab string handling may be broken.

Does ironpython support unicode directly ie u'Hello World'?

I would not expect reportlab to work out of the box with ironpython. PDF doesn't
use unicode (normally) and most of the output is in Adobe specific encodings.

I don't think the real problem lies in our use of strange bytes (although that
may not help). If the string in question is the special sequence we use at the
beginning of the document then the issue is deeper since that string doesn't
normally require any special manipulation (ie we expect it to appear literally
in the output as a sequence of bytes). If we are unable to write bytes directly
to a file then many other problems will also need to be found and fixed.

This problem also arises in Python 3.x so may eventually be solved for you.

As to why reportlab takes so long to execute I cannot say.
Robin Becker

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