[reportlab-users] bug with image transparency?!

Volker Haas volker.haas at brainbot.com
Mon Oct 20 08:47:06 EDT 2008


I guess I just ran into an image which is not rendered correctly using
reportlab (version 2.1).
All black pixels are rendered white (or transparent on a white background).
The image displays correctly in a browser or image viewer.

This is what PIL tells me about the image:

In [1]: from PIL import Image
In [2]: img = Image.open('MergeSampleStep1.png')
In [3]: img.mode
Out[3]: 'P'
In [4]: img.info
{'Software': 'Paint.NET v3.35',
'gamma': 0.45455000000000001,
'transparency': 255}

Sample code:

from reportlab.platypus import BaseDocTemplate, PageTemplate, Frame, Image
from reportlab.rl_config import defaultPageSize

doc = BaseDocTemplate("test.pdf")

frame = Frame(0,0,defaultPageSize[0], defaultPageSize[1])

Story = [Image("MergeSampleStep1.png")]

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