[reportlab-users] manual proposal

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Mon Oct 20 04:16:05 EDT 2008

adam hyde:

> If there is interest in putting together a manual on Reportlab then

> I'm

> as keen as mustard to help get one going. We have a community of free

> documentation writers at FLOSS Manuals and a tool set that enables the

> ease of production, translation and output to online (via an embedded

> manual api) or book form.

I think the ReportLab community would greatly benefit from
such a project, and it would be extremely interesting to
see how far it gets without ReportLab Ltd. being in control
of every period inside the text, but only acting as a
"source of wisdom".

> If there is anyone wanting to lead this initiative I will start and

> empty manual and you can get going. I will help as much as you need if

> you need to know how the tool set works etc. We also have a manual on

> how it all works:

> http://www.flossmanuals.net/flossmanuals

This looks already impressive, and it would be even more
if I could find out more quickly on your site what is
actually used as the standard input format. Also, after
very quickly looking at some PDFs I noticed that a few of
them had no title on their first page except something
like "flossmanuals", which is slightly confusing. And you
might also have to explain what it would mean to "lead
this initiative".

Adam, in your place, if it took me only about 15 minutes
to set it up, I would just go for it, set it free and see
what happens.



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