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Peter Mattingly pmattingly at mail.csuchico.edu
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I've been prosecuting this little flame war with Roberto Alsina, in the
background. Personally I don't see his issues and I think he's wrong, but I
believe I should be more concise and perhaps apologize for my tone.

I do apologize if the tone of my reply made it seem if I was insulting
anyone. I certainly didn't intend that! I was just upset at a corollary

I would like to see the documentation submission process streamlined in some
fashion, I believe that writing programmatic constructs is too much to ask
for simple changes in language. Though I do see the point for examples,
teaching code, etc.

I mention Wiki's because I believe they would be a good solution to the
problem of making the documentation more community oriented and would lower
the bar for submissions. I *certainly* did *not* mean to imply anything
negative by offering my opinion on wiki's!

I think that point of Roberto's was pretty bizzarre, but I wanted to cover
it anyway in case anyone got the wrong idea.


On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 11:24 PM, Andy Robinson <andy at reportlab.com> wrote:

> 2008/10/13 Peter Mattingly <pmattingly at mail.csuchico.edu>:

> > You know what I mean though? Sufficient technical documentation is one

> huge

> > hurdle that OSS in general has to get over before any sort of general

> (read:

> > Non-maddeningly frustrating) adoption can take place.


> You're correct; it is a weakness. (But i our favour, we do have a

> broadly accurate user

> guide, the source to create it, and a ton of readable, working tests).

> But it also

> takes a heck of a lot of time - more than maintaining

> the code does. It's not just documenting new features, it's constantly

> pruning and editing everything which may be affected by a change. The only

> workable solution is a community effort, which I have been pleading for on

> this

> list for years.


> >

> > And...you can patch the docs? First I've heard of doing that...


> The source to the docs has been in every distro since launch until,

> oh, about 3 weeks ago (you have to use svn now). They are just Python

> scripts. This was our criterion for release 1.


> If someone finds that the user guide doesn't explain something clearly

> enough,

> and has an hour to spare, it would be great if they could either (a) send

> in a patch correcting or expanding it (i.e. 20 lines to generate the right

> paragraphs in the guide); or (b) send in a test script or teaching example.

> We can review and check these things quickly.



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