[reportlab-users] [PATCH] Add TTF Embedding Option

Yoann Roman yroman-reportlab at altalang.com
Thu Oct 16 09:19:15 EDT 2008

> I'm really unclear why this should be used by any rational person, but

> if it works for you I see no reason not to use it.

I guess I'm just irrational :-). I wouldn't use this for anything other
than Arial and Times New Roman, and it was solely to have the option of
generating PDFs similar to those that Acrobat creates by default.

> I am puzzled by the patch though.


> Should we not be turning off all of the subsetting code?


> It just happens that we currently preset the first subset to be the

> standard ascii subset (in the default case) so perhaps this won't work

> if two or more subsets are required.

Probably. Creating this patch was my first look at the PDF spec and the
font handling in RL, so I certainly don't have a firm grasp on it. I
just aimed to get the keys between RL and Acrobat close enough, but I
did notice the actual values differed between the two.

I can send along the same PDF created in RL and Acrobat if that helps.


Yoann Roman

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