[reportlab-users] [BUG] Installation error on Windows

Dirk Holtwick dirk.holtwick at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 03:48:07 EDT 2008

> Yes, but is distutils/setuptools smart enough to do that? And doesn't every

> Python package with a C extension behave like this if you lack the compiler?

Yes, they behave like this. But Reportlab is not constricted to have the
extensions working (imagine Google AppEngine, see discussion before in
this list).

BTW, Reportlab 2.1 installer did not emit these errors and worked fine.

I don't know if this option can be checked by distutils or setuptools. I
would suggest to separate the extensions from the core package. Or make
them optional.

> Why don't you use the proper Windows installer? Look near the bottom

> of the download page:


> http://www.reportlab.org/downloads.html#dlls

Because I set up a virtual environment using "virtualenv". No idea how
to use the Windows installers there...

This is not a problem for me, because I just copied the "reportlab"
folder to the correct "site-packages" folder. But my user of Pisa may
get confused if the run in such a problem. Therefore it would be great
if this issue could be considered to be fixed. Maybe this is also an
issue for Linux and Mac users who do not have installed the compiler and


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