[reportlab-users] [JOB OFFER] urgent RL + Zope + Plone small project

alet at librelogiciel.com alet at librelogiciel.com
Wed Oct 8 15:34:55 EDT 2008

Hi there,

I was proposed to do the following work, but I can't because of lack of
time, so I refused but told the asking people I'd try to find someone
to do it...

I'm looking urgently for someone (consultant or company ?) with the following
capabilities :

- Good knowledge of ReportLab (http://www.reportlab.org) and
Zope integration (http://www.zope.org).

- Good knowledge of the Plone (v2.x) CMS (http://www.plone.org).

- If possible, french speaking.

- Able to accept payments coming from French Universities (you'll be
paid but the delay can be up to two months). This is mandatory.

- Enough available time to finish the (relatively small) coding project
before November 10th 2008 (it's short !)

This project involves the uploading of PDF documents with the use of
Plone workflows, with a team of moderators and a larger team of
submitters, with accounts being created online. These documents
can receive comments and can be rated. You'll also have to
generate PDF documents on the fly from Zope or CGI (nothing complex,
probably a single image on a single page and some text and a table).

Available/required tools : Apache, Zope (2.x), Plone 2.x, PostgreSQL 7.x
or 8.x, Python, possibly ssh.

Please contact me privately for more details : I'll send you the name,
email address and phone number of the person to contact, along with a
short description of what the project is about.


Jerome Alet

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