[reportlab-users] Visual Diff Tool

Dirk Holtwick dirk.holtwick at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 08:50:49 EST 2008


while working on xhtml2pdf <http://www.xhtml2pdf.com/> I have the
general problem that writing test cases is quite difficult. The normal
way is to create some test PDF and then have a look at them if they are
looking fine. But that is a source of human errors. Therefore I am
looking for a automatic solution.

My idea is to automatically do a visual compare of a reference PDF that
was already rendered fine once and the recent PDF. Technically I am
found out that it would work fine if I use ImageMagic to first create
images from PDF and if they differ I can show them in TortoiseIDiff.

I started writing such a visual diff tool, but maybe there already
exists something similar and I can use this instead of wasting my time
on writing the reinvention of the wheel ;)

So my question: has anyone seen a tool like this around? If so, please
let me know where to find it. Otherwise I would write the visual diff
tool and maybe Reportlab also likes to use visual test cases for their


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