[reportlab-users] ANN: svglib 0.6.1

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Mon Nov 10 06:20:40 EST 2008


I'm glad to release svglib 0.6.1, a library for reading
SVG and converting it to ReportLab Graphics objects:


This release fixes a few buglets and uses a new set of 199
SVG flags accessed online from Wikipedia.org [1]. These
make great examples because many of them are very simple,
while a few others are quite complex.

When you run the testsuite these SVG samples will be down-
loaded and converted to PDF. As you will see there are
some buglets for a few of these flags. If this should be
the case for the country you live in you're invited to
help debug the code to fix the respective flag!

Also, I've added conversion tests using a tool named uni-
converter (if present) which has generated recently some
enthusiasm on this list. It's interesting to compare it
to svglib by running the respective tests (after uncommen-
ting them). I had to uncomment these because they take
very long and generally produce more errors and inferior
results, compared to svglib, but YMMV.



[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallery_of_sovereign_state_flags

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