[reportlab-users] ttf "fallback".. is it supported somehow?

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Mon Nov 10 06:03:39 EST 2008

Gábor Farkas wrote:

> hi,


> is it somehow possible, to specify multiple ttf files for a paragraph,

> and reportlab would use by default the first ttf, and if some glyph is

> not found in it,

> then it would try to find those glyphs in the second font etc? or some

> other way?


> my problem is that i do not have one single TTF font which covers all

> the characters i need to

> enter into the PDF file. but i have a collection of TTF files which

> could together cover it.


> basically i'd like to do in a PDF what web-browsers do when

> displaying a html-page.


> thanks,

> gabor

art present we only have fallbacks for the T1 fonts. The truetype fonts have a
very different layout model which involves subsetting etc etc. I suppose we
could add an extra layer above that and create a multi-ttf font type which would
do as you suggest, but not right now.
Robin Becker

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