[reportlab-users] Fixed Height for a table

circo radu obi_radusorin at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 4 08:00:22 EDT 2008

   Hy . Hope what i describe below makes sense, and u will understand my problem.
   I have to generate a pdf containing a table, which will be generated dynamically. I have the table header fixed (the first 2 rows) and the last row. The rows between will be generated using some values. I dont know how many rows will I have in there.  The main fact is that i need to keep the overall Height of the table fixed ( the number of rows will not be that high so the added height value of all the rows to go beyond the tables height).
  If i have only 1 or 2 rows  the table is too short. Is there a way to specify the overall height of the table? or a way to calculate the height of that last row that will fill the table bringing him to the desired height?

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