[reportlab-users] TableStyle "FONTNAME"

Jason Craig jason at iwocreative.com
Thu Jan 17 15:00:22 EST 2008

Tim Roberts wrote:

> Jason Craig wrote:

>> Robin Becker wrote:

>> Note that "Helvetica" is usually another name for "Arial".

> I guess that depends on how picky you are. The name "Helvetica"

> refers to the Adobe standard font of that name, which, as Robin

> indicated, is built in to the Acrobat Reader, and to every Postscript

> printer. It is certainly a separate font from Arial, and the

> character shapes and spacing are slightly different.


> Arial was created by Microsoft to avoid having to license Helvetica,

> and was inspired by and intended to be a clone of Helvetica, but they

> are not the same.


Yes it does depend on how picky you are. I did not say that they are
the same thing; my statement is correct. On a typical Windows computer
(Mac has Helvetica by default, right?), if you ask a program for
Helvetica and a font named Helvetica is not installed you will be given
Arial. Hence, since Microsoft has >50% market share, and since most
programs I know of behave this way, Helvetica is usually another name
for Arial.


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