[reportlab-users] Backward textflow through minipages?

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Feb 28 10:18:38 EST 2008

Dinu Gherman wrote:


> Am 28.02.2008 um 13:12 schrieb Robin Becker:


>> I'm not sure I follow here Dinu, are you asking to have multiple

>> frames simultaneously being written or do you want to go backwards in

>> the story and annotate/decorate/add to frames which (at least

>> conceptually) have already been written?


> I want to write into an empty frame contained on a previous page.

> Example: You have a two-column layout for double-sided pages. Now,

> you want to fill content into the document like this:


> # first double-sided page

> 1. page1.leftcol

> 2. page2.rightcol

> 3. page1.rightcol # "PreviousFrame"?

> 4. page2.leftcol


> # second double-sided page

> 5. page3.leftcol

> 6. page4.rightcol

> 7. page3.rightcol # "PreviousFrame"?

> 8. page4.leftcol

> ...


> So then you would cut the pages leaving minipages with only one

> column each, which you can shuffle and bind appropriately. I think

> this is the best explanation I can give without any drawing.


> Dinu

the easiest way is to alter the story processing so that the flow is altered. We
have an example of dual story processing somewhere, but you're taking it to a
new high (or perhaps low). Normally I think of double sided printing as being an
issue of even/odd page templates, but you seem to be doing four sided printing
some how.

How does the story map onto your double side pages? It appears as though you
want odd page leftcol/rightcol to continue as even page rightcol/leftcol, but is
this two printed pages of pdf or just one?
Robin Becker

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