[reportlab-users] Text padding differences between 2.1 release and trunk

Stevens, Ian IStevens at globeandmail.com
Wed Feb 27 12:05:30 EST 2008

> we went through a process recently with the wiki people to

> get something they felt would work form them. As part of that

> the paragraph layout was changed to use the declared values

> for ascent/descent rather than just relying on the old

> 1.2*fontSize. They wanted the ability to have inline images

> which meant having to be able to adjust the leading rather

> more dynamically than we used to.


> I'm not exactly sure why your stuff has moved so much, but it

> would be a good idea if you could send me a mini example like

> the above ie what's the relation of the rule to the other stuff.


> There may also have been changes to the way that

> inter-flowable space is handled.

I'm not sure what you're asking for here. Do you mean show paragraphs
and inline images (with Canvas.drawInlineImage, I presume) in relation
to the paragraph text and the horizontal rule?


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