[reportlab-users] Text padding differences between 2.1 release and trunk

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed Feb 27 05:42:27 EST 2008

Stevens, Ian wrote:

> I've been working a little with the code from trunk and have noticed

> some differences in how text is spaced in both trunk and release. I'm

> not sure if this is a case of trunk fixing a bug in release, or a bug

> being introduced into release. At any rate, attached is an image

> illustrating the differences in output for the following code between

> release and trunk.


> Will I have to reconfigure all my paragraphs if I want to use trunk (or

> its release candidate) or is there some way I can properly handle both?


> Thanks,

> Ian.

we went through a process recently with the wiki people to get something they
felt would work form them. As part of that the paragraph layout was changed to
use the declared values for ascent/descent rather than just relying on the old
1.2*fontSize. They wanted the ability to have inline images which meant having
to be able to adjust the leading rather more dynamically than we used to.

I'm not exactly sure why your stuff has moved so much, but it would be a good
idea if you could send me a mini example like the above ie what's the relation
of the rule to the other stuff.

There may also have been changes to the way that inter-flowable space is handled.
Robin Becker

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