[reportlab-users] CMYK coloured <font> within a Paragraph

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Sat Feb 23 05:20:59 EST 2008

Stevens, Ian wrote:

> I'm using the <font> tag to introduce a coloured symbol in a different

> font within a paragraph. Is there a way that I can specify that colour

> as CMYK? Currently the colour is RGB:


> eg.

> colour = CMYKColor(0, 0.6, 0.94, 0)

> style = ParagraphStyle('style', fontName='FontOne', textColor=black)

> [...]

> p = Paragraph('Test para <font face="FontTwo" color="%s" size="7"> &gt;

> </font> with colour' % (colour.hexval(), style)


> This is causing problems with our printer as everything else is CMYK,

> including the same colour used elsewhere, and the symbol in the

> paragraph is RGB.


> thanks,

> Ian.


reportlab.lib.colors.toColor is used to parse the colour values so you
can use

<font color='CMYKColor(0,0.6,0.94,0)'>CMYKColor</font>

etc etc
Robin Becker

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