[reportlab-users] Flowing onto second column

Jim Steil jim at qlf.com
Fri Feb 15 14:26:24 EST 2008

Robin Becker wrote:

> Tim Roberts wrote:

>> Robin Becker wrote:

>>> Tim Roberts wrote:

>>>> Jim Steil wrote:


>>>>> Is there an easy way to get data to flow to a second column the

>>>>> way you can get it to flow to multiple pages with Platypus?


>>>> Sure. You just create multiple frames, one for each column, and

>>>> add the collection of frames when you create the PageTemplate.


>>>> Here's a web page that shows an example:

>>>> http://www.hoboes.com/Mimsy/?ART=558


>>> interestingly this link crashes my firefox immediately. can you say

>>> waht it does? Seems to be adobe linked ie acrobat starts and firefox

>>> immediately exits.


>> Are you saying that exact link crashes for you? I use Firefox

>> ( on Windows) full time. That's how I found the page. Works

>> fine for me. I have Acrobat 8 installed. I know there were some

>> bugs with Firefox and Acrobat Reader 7, but I thought they had been

>> worked out.


>> It does have an <embed> tag for a PDF chunk; I don't remember seeing

>> that used before.


> I have as well on an XP box. It crashes immediately after

> starting up acrobat. I even used wget and pointed at it locally; still

> bailed. I'm fairly sure I have Acrobat 7 installed.


> I have just tried this at home (where I am now) and it also crashed my

> firefox here; again win xp sp 2.

FWIW, it works for me on FF but not on my IE7.


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