[reportlab-users] bulletOffsetY non working?

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Fri Apr 25 06:19:06 EDT 2008

Harald Armin Massa:

> should be like this after the patch applied in 2007-07-10, so, maybe

> it got dropped somewhere in SVN?

Right, seems like I'm mostly using the official 2.1. Unfortunately,
this is the number on the cover page of the "userguide" as well. So
people like me probably expect that this release also contains the
features described in the document. Pitty, if it doesn't.

Also, I'm running a modified extension of paragraphs to enable hy-
phenation, written by Henning von Bargen [1] and I cannot bother
him to keep track of every SVN checkin to Paragraphs to keep his
extension up to date.

This is exactly the kind of issues that make me want to have clean,
proper releases with a shorter cycle than 12 months...

<sigh mode="big"/>


[1] wordaxe 0.2.4, see http://deco-cow.wiki.sourceforge.net

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